Furniture as Art

Furniture as Art?

At first thought, many might not see furniture, as, an item of art. In fact, most, are not even aware of the venue of “Studio Furniture”, which has been around for decades. Those who are aware, will recognize, notable names, such as: James Krenov, Sam Maloof, and George Nakishima. These Artist’s are considered masters at their craft. Comparable with the works’ of Frank Lloyd Wright, these artists, form a contemporary concept.

Another concept is “Western Design”. A concept unique to the American West. Which conjures visions of Cowboys and Indians, right out of the Old West. The most notable artist in this genre being, Thomas Molesworth.

You will recognize in my pieces, the inspiration of Thomas Molesworth. However, my work is the quality of studio furniture. Living in the rocky mountain west, I am attracted to Western Design. I gain inspiration by hiking the local hills in search of the right piece of aged wood, that can be used, as, a leg for a table, chair or desk.

There is a history to western furniture design. I hope that what I am doing, is adding to the story. That story being, WesternFurniture is Art“.

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